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Enhancements or Paint Correction

This is the pinnacle of detailing services for your car's exterior. If you are looking to enhance the gloss of your cars paint or remove them unsightly swirls and scratches then this is achievable with our paint correction and enhancement (machine polishing) services. We use different grades of abrasive polishes and pads along with our modern day polishing techniques and equipment to achieve the best finish possible from the packages we offer below.

Machine polishing - Due to different finishes in modern day paints the paint enhancement and correction process is charged at an hourly rate. It is highly recommended we inspect the vehicle in order to provide you with an accurate quote.

Paints that are soft (Japanese cars) tend to correct easier but takes time to refine, whereas some vehicles which have hard ceramic clear coats (European) will take more time to penetrate the clear coat.

Dark and/or solid coloured paints require more time as more refinement is needed to achieve a hologram free finish than lighter metallic paints.

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Paint Correction

Treat your car like a NASCAR Protect your car using Stone Chip Protection today. Used extensively in NASCAR racing. Now it's your turn! Protects cars from stone chips and bug splatter.

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